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Annual conference of heads of religions in Israel

  Annual conference of heads of religions in Israel


Communicated by MFA Spokesman’s Bureau

On Thursday, 25 November 2010, the Council of the Heads of Religions and Religious Denominations in Israel will hold its annual convention at the Domus Galilaeae International Center, near the Mount of Beatitudes in the lower Galilee. The Council is comprised of the chief rabbis of Israel, heads of churches, the head of the Druze community, the head of the Islamic Appeals Court, and heads of other communities such as the Baha’i, Ahmadiyya, Samaritans, Copts, Ethiopians, and Assyrians.

This year’s conference is particularly significant considering the meeting of the council members with Pope Benedict XVI, scheduled to take place at the Vatican on 13 January 2011. This historic meeting constitutes official recognition by the Vatican and the Pope of this forum and its importance in conducting the dialogue and relations among the various religions in Israel.

The theme of this, the Council’s fourth, convention, is freedom of religion and worship in Israel. During the convention, the film “Faith”, which deals with religious freedom in Israel, will be shown, with a discussion afterwards about the role of religious leaders.


  1. Religion is of course very important becuase it also helps us to be a good person for others. it doesnt matter what kind of religion you have, as long as it promotes goodness. *”‘*”

    Kind regards“>

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