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Picture thanks to Jazz Globus website


Israeli Jazz Festival

The seventh Jazz Festival “Jazz-Globus” will take place from November 24 through December 1 in Jerusalem. This has become a traditional jazz week in the national capital. Concerts will take place at the Harmony Hall in the center of Jerusalem near the pedestrian area of Nahalat-Shiva Street. More than 120 musicians and 28 ensembles will participate in festival’s eight concerts.

Not only loved by Israeli fans of jazz musicians will participate in festival, but there are new names on the festival poster. For the first time on the Israeli stage there are musicians from Bulgaria – the legendary saxophonist Anatoly Vapirov, the brilliant pianist Anthony Donchev and the percussion soloist, Stoyan Yankoulov who is remembered by many music lovers at the great performance on “Eurovision” three years ago. The festival will be opened by leading in Europe the free jazz ensemble «Priority» which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. The artistic director of the festival Slava Ganelin, the Lithuanian saxophonist Petras Vyšniauskas, and the drummer from Germany, Klaus Kugel, are performing in «Priority». «Priority» gave many successful concerts in dozens of countries; however they will perform in Israel for the first time. One of the leading European pianists, Professor of the Norwegian Academy of Music, Mikhail Alperin, the world’s best jazz horn player Arkady Shilkloper, and a prominent Russian bass guitarist Anton Gorbunov are also performing at the Festival. The Festival is featuring the folk-jazz trio from Georgia «The Shin», whose debut was a huge success on the Israeli stage at the festival “Spring in Rishon LeZion” two years ago.
The majority of festival participants are Israeli musicians, such as renowned pianist and composer Slava Ganelin, veterans of jazz – Boris Gammer, Mikhail Kull and Shimon Lipkovich. Among the Israeli musicians participating in the festival are many well know performers, laureates of international festivals, frequent and welcome guests on the home jazz scene: Julia Feldman, Yevgeny Pisak, Dmitry Shurin, Yevgeny Maistrovsky, Michail Agre, Bob Yurochkin, Gershon Weisserfierer, Moshe Yankovsky; Gennady Litvak. Some of the home musicians-participants were educated in the US and well established themselves on the New York jazz club scene – Anat Fort, Yuval Cohen, Gregory Ryvkin, Robert Anchipolovsky, Yuval Tabachnik, Ivri Boruchov, Asaf Hakimi, Gilad Dobrezki.
Additional information including the festival programme can be found on the official Jazz Globus website:

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