Posted by: israelembassysa | August 23, 2010

Launch of Friends of Israel in UK

Launch of Friends of Israel in UK

By kind invitation of Robert Halfon MP, the Henry Jackson Society is pleased to be able to invite you to the UK launch of the Friends of Israel Initiative, with The Hon José María Aznar, The Hon. Marcelo Pera and Andrew Roberts.

The Initiative is a group of leading policymakers and world leaders, chaired by José María Aznar, former President of the Government of Spain, with the primary aim of fighting the growing trend of delegitimisation of the State of Israel. It will not support specific policies or any governments, but the right of Israel to exist.

The Initiative will defend Israel as a normal democratic country, with all the logical defects and virtues of any democracy. More specifically, the Initiative will focus on: a) Opening a space in the public arena to talk and discuss about Israel with some normalcy. It will be the first time that a high level group in Europe has expressed its conviction that Israel should be viewed and treated as a normal democratic country. This is a particularly significant, given the increasing focus on irrational criticism of Israel in the mainstream; b) Providing a tool, based on the personal contacts of the group, to influence positively current leaders that are pro-Israel but have no means to fight the dominant criticism in may quarters of their administrations; c) Helping the friends of Israel, primarily in Europe but also elsewhere, who are currently isolated and disconnected, to be part of an vast network, facilitating their views to be published and heard.


  1. May God bless this initiative and may the propaganda lies of the enemies of Israel be exposed every minute of every day. May God bless Israel and all its citizens!

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